Friday, October 28, 2011


If anyone is thinking about getting a part time job for the holiday's or just wants to make a bit of extra money, I would love to have you join my Scentsy team!! Its only $99 to join and there really isn't that much of a commitment. Its such a fun product and people love it so once they buy, they keep coming back! Now is the perfect time to join.

Have some parties and earn some money its as simple as that! There really is not much to do,its super fun and its gets you out of the house (ie. a break from kids, unless they are like Ali and want to help)!

I want you all, if you are even a little bit interested you have nothing to lose. Even if you only stick with it for a month you get to keep all the product that comes with your kit and I can assure you its worth more than $99. I made back my $99 plus a lot more my first month!!!

I want to hear from you!

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