Monday, September 15, 2014

Back when I was in High School….

Seems to be the topic in our house lately…

I can't believe how different things are between when I was in High School and now that both Mitch and Ali are in High School.  Mitch is a Jr. this year and he really doesn't say too much about it but thankfully I now have Ali who is a freshman this year at Avon Lake High School.

So as I hear from Ali about different topics that shes talking about I find myself constantly saying "well, when I was in High School" because things are so different.  And of course being her 14 year old self she always says "mom, I know"

So the latest topic i've been hearing about is Homecoming!!!

So back in the day as a girl in my high school we waited for a boy to ask us to the dance.  If we didn't get asked we didn't go!!! If it was a boys choice dance then the boy made all the arrangements for before and after the dance.  How we were being picked up, who was going in the group with us, where we were eating before the dance and what we were doing after.

So, homecoming here is the first weekend in October.  For a month or more all i've heard about from Ali and her friends is what they are wearing, what group they are going in etc.  Now when they first started talking about it no one had been asked to the dance yet and what I found out was that all the girls were going in a group together.  They did not need dates to go.  Ok, so thats different to me but yes it would have been fun to go with a group of friends if we didn't get asked by a boy.

So a week or two ago as things have started progressing and boys have started asking girls to the dance someone who should remaim nameless was asked to the dance by a boy that she didn't want to go with and so she gave him a FLAT OUT…NO!!! That was it…just NO.    Now back in my day, you didn't ever say no.  If you got asked by the nerdiest guy in school and did not want to go you still said yes just to be polite.    So when I was talking about this to nameless girls she said "this is how we do it now, we don't live back in the day".

So forward to yesterday when Ali gets a text message from a friend (who has not been asked to the dance as of yet) saying "i want you to come in our Homecoming group, i'm getting asked tomorrow and I think you are too" So again I say "well, if the boys are asking aren't they the ones who choose who is in the group you are going with" again it was "Duh-Mom, no"  Ok so not to mention the dress…i've heard everyone is wearing black or white and if you wear anything else you will get made fun of.  Oh and the couples match what they are wearing so If the girls has a black dress but is wearing red accessories then the boy will wear red shoes or belt or what ever he can that will match.
Nope we never did that!! EVER!!!

Wow, how things have changed and it makes me feel really old and i'm also learning that my ways aren't alway the right ways and maybe sometimes I need to lighten up a little and just let them have fun.  Although I do wonder if all these changes are the day and age we are in now or if it is just that we are in the Midwest and not in the West.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Glad to be back~Haley

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