Saturday, March 22, 2008

16 and counting

Someone recently asked me how many grandkids my parents had and it took me a lot of counting to get the answer so, i thought since we just added a new baby today i would write them all down so i can start keeping a count that i can just add to as they come along!!! 
If you know my sisters you may be interested in how many kids they each have but otherwise you are probably not that interested.

Here they are from oldest to youngest!
  1. McKenzie McDonald (Holli)
  2.  McKinnely Mcdonald (Holli)
  3. Hunter Moseley (Heather)
  4. Bailey Moseley (Heather)
  5. Mitchell Sorensen (Haley)
  6. Kennedy McDonald (Holli)
  7. Brooklyn Moseley (Heather)
  8. Alexandria Sorensen (Haley)
  9. Caroline McDonald (Holli)
  10. Grace Knowlton (Heidi)
  11. Liliana Peko (Kristen)
  12. Chase Moseley (Heather)
  13. Olivia Rowland (Katie)
  14. Anthony Jr. Knowlton (Heidi)
  15. Sawyer Lee (Kim)
  16. Davis Reid (Hillary)
this list goes on with my step-brother and sisters

Chris Nelson has 4 (Sam,Camilla,Lucy & Zach)
Amie (Nelson) Casper has 3 (Carter,Jamie, & Andrew)
Holly (Nelson) Reynolds has 3 (Libby,Ashlyn, & Jonah)

Kara (Soderberg) Salisbury has 1 (Mia)

Brandon's Family
  1. Mitchell 
  2. Alexandria
  3. Jaxon (Zach)
  4. Madux (Annie)
  5. Serae (Zach)
  6. Braylen (Zach)
  7. Mia (Annie)
  8. Cambry (Zach)

I'm sure there will be more to come!!!


Lilismom said...

Crazy!!! I wish my dad were here to see all of them! We miss you guys!

Kristen and Lili

Lilismom said...
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