Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eating for Life

Brandon and I have decide to try the Eating for Life Diet for the next six weeks (we started with dinner last night)!!! 
  Things like this come so easy for B but i'm sure he is thinking I won't stick with it so I am determined to show him that I will!!! I figure, if I write everything down and keep track of what i'm eating and how i'm exercising, it might keep me focused. 
Here's the thing, I have pretty much always been a picky eater(although my taste buds have grown-up a lot since being with B).  My days usually consist of eating Hot chocolate,Crispix Cereal an orange or two and whatever we decide to have for dinner.  In between breakfast and dinner it's usually, handfuls of goldfish crackers, reduced fat wheat thins, chocolate, cookies,pita chips, pretty much anything that is easy to snack on.  OR, i skip eating all together and eat nothing because usually once i start(snacking) i can't stop!(i may suck on mints or hard candy). Oh, and LOTs & lots of WATER! ( i keep my BIG water cup full all day long)
 Some days i think to myself, "i have not put one healthy thing into my body today" or "i have not put anything into my body today" !!! I know, it's not good!! I get what I think are these great ideas like becoming Anorexic just until I loose 10 pounds and then i will start eating again (my food intake has really depleted in the last couple of weeks).  
so, when Brandon said "why don't we try this just for 6 weeks" i thought, i kind of would just prefer to starve myself but now the more I think about it what could be better than eating 6 times a day!!!!!!

Now, my days will look something like this.....

*Breakfast: something like a nutrition shake or eggs & wheat toast YUK!
*Midmeal:        "               "    apples & cheese or oranges & hard boiled eggs ( i can probably do it) 
*Lunch:          turkey sandwich on wheat bread or chicken noodle soup (getting better)
*Midmeal:     nutrition shake or berries and cottage cheese (rethinking the cottage cheese)
*Dinner:   chicken, flank steak, last night we had french dip sandwiches (no problem)
*Dessert or Snack: i'll probably skip this one because i don't like to eat after 8 pm

so far this morning i've had a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast. which i expected to be better than it was!!!

anyway, the book has some pretty good recipes (at least for dinner and lunch). The smoothies and nutrition shakes are made with Myoplex Lite powder.  
There are very specific ingredients for all the recipes and it also shows what kind of "sides" you should eat with a meal which is nice.  It also comes with a menu & a shopping list so you know what to buy!!! We went out and did our shopping yesterday and it was quite expensive but it will be worth it.......RIGHT!!!!!! After our 6 weeks are up we will hopefully be able to tell if it is working and if we notice a difference in our bodies!!!!  Wish us LUCK!!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

Good Luck but I have to kinda sounds gross!!!


Shally said...

Ya, we tried something simialar, and I didn't even last a few days...

Zach could eat dirt, so he didn't care.

I have to have TASTE!!

Ryan and Katie said...

What's up with your header?


Haley said...

what's it doing???? it looks normal on my computer!!!

kourtney said...

I might have too look into this cause my diet sounds a lot like yours (or what yours used to be). It's bad I love to eat after 8 pm. It ends up being the only time that I can enjoy what I am eating.

Natalie said...

Hey good deal! I have heard lots of great things about the Body for Life program. I do the eat small meals all day long. I think you you once you get use to that you wont ever go back. It is crazy how you eat so much more, but your metab. is maintained and it acctually starts working better. You loose more weight eating quite a bit more, just as long as those small meals are good choices! Let me know how it goes!

Lilismom said...

How's it going? Good luck!

Haley said...

it's going ok so far. i'm missing my crackers and treats but otherwise i have been able to find somethings that aren't too bad to eat but the nutrition shake is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! YUK!!!!

Lot's of oranges, homemade pita chips,grahm crackers!!! hope it works!!!

it's really hard to actually sit down and eat 6 times a day!!!!!

simply kris said...

Haley! I changed my blog to just plain sick of the HIDEOUT

kim said...

Just checking to see how it is going! I'm sure your doing a great job. Love you!

Haley said...

the program gives you one FREE day a week and since we were going out to dinner for a friends b-day on Saturday night i decided that was the free day. not so good to decided to let myself eat what ever for the day because even though it was just dinner that was different that day, i felt so sick after!!! ( i did order dessert too which i usually never do at a resturant) & then yesterday Ali wanted to make cookies which i didn't have such a hard time with then but this morning they're looking pretty yummy!!!!

Natalie said...

GUESS WHAT my aunt in Denver just one the Body for life challenge that just ended! the 30-40 age group. She won $10,000 and $10,000 to a choice charity! I was excited for her, and thought I would pass it on as encouragement!!! It WORKS!