Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring has Sprung......

First mow of the season!!!

Which means....time to start projects!!!!

We've been working on our yard for the last month or so and it just occurred to me that all this time I should have been keeping track of what we have been doing and taking pictures.

We started by cutting down 9 trees, 2 huge ones in the front yard & 7 good sized one's in the back!!! Yup, there are some environmentalists that don't like us much!!! There were so many trees in the back that the grass didn't get any sun therefore it never grew and we ended up with a lot more mud than we did grass!



there is just one tree in the middle of the front yard now but before there were 3!

where once there were trees, now there are hole's filled with top-soil a grass seed

the backyard full of the stump grindings we haven't been able to clean up yet along with gravel that was under the playset we had taken out. the tree cutters left the clean-up work for us to do. it took us a week to clean up the 2 holes in the front of the house now we get to do 7 in the back along with trying to get rid of all the gravel! :(

(anna) these are the WOODS in our backyard!!! (where a lot of the stump grinding have gone)
some of the things that come out of the woods are deer, rabbits, foxes,lots and lots of squirrels & big birds!

we have been getting bids on landscaping, grass seed, patios etc. if you've never re-landscaped your yard FYI--it is so expensive!!! our first bid was $15,000!!!
I will keep updating the progress as we go!!


Shally said...

Seeing all the green made me miss Ohio!

I can't wait until we can see your house in person...

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful there! You guys are doing a great job! We need to come visit.

Love ya.

Ryan and Katie said...

Your house is WAY awesome!!!!


kourtney said...

Your house is beautiful. Isn't it funny how all of the projects come in the spring. Not just the outdoor, but also the indoor. Why didn't I do some things in the cold winter months? I need to get my priorities strait.

Amanda said...

Haley, I love your house! It looks beautiful! I love all the trees you have but I do understand your situation. We have a lot of trees and we need to get rid of a few also. It looks great!

simply kris said...

your house is a storybook house. I miss my trees and green and foresty areas in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing your surroundings. It's beautiful

April said...

k, you seriously have the most beautiful home, and I love that yard!!! Coolest house ever.
We just had a landscape bid too and it was 21,500. Hahahahahaha! If we had that much we would build a garage - it's insane how expensive it is!

April said...
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