Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pen Pal Visit

For the last couple of months, Ali has been writing to a Pen Pal in Rocky River, OH. Today, her class got to go to their Pen Pals School and meet them in person! Ali was so excited!

excited on the bus!

She had to make sure before school this morning that she looked "cute" enough.
They were able to take a tour of the school, watch a video that Ali's class made about her school, go out to recess, eat pizza & cookies and do worksheets and puzzles to find out more about each other.
Ali's pen pal Rachael was a little bit quiet at first but by the time we left they had exchanged addresses and phone numbers and were having a great time together!

"we just met and don't know what to say to each other"

recess time

what a fun idea and such a great time!


simply kris said...

that's great! i think there should be a blogging friends exchange where we get to go visit our favorite bloggers for a day! how fun would that be?

Anonymous said...

So fun! What a great way to find a new friend!

Haley said...

i think that would be great!!! especially if i get to come to Utah and visit you and your sisters!!!

kourtney said...

I love penpals. I had one in 4th grade and it was a boy, Jose. He chose me. Too bad that I didn't get to meet him in person. He was in Penn and I was in Utah. So Ali is so lucky to meet hers.

Shally said...

That is a great idea...

Isn't that what blogging kind of is for grown ups?


kim said...

That sounds like fun! Maybe I should do that now!

Anonymous said...

Looks just like Camilla.