Thursday, April 24, 2008

McKenzie you're too young!!!!!!!

I stole this picture from Katie!! (thanks)(kenzie & lauren rowland--katie's sis-in-law)

Remember little first niece....the one everyone wanted to baby-sit...the one i used to take to movies and end up chasing up and down the aisles, the one who won the huge stuffed Barney at the fair, the one who was the 4 year old flower girl at my wedding, the one that i used to walk the halls of Highland High with just to show her off, the one that was more like our own baby or sister than a niece?? Well, she's growing up much to my dismay!!!!!!! 
Last weekend she went to the prom!!! I can't believe she is old enough!!! I have to say the only thing about this that i was ok about is that she went with Zach Gardner who's family happens to be long time friends with the Sorensen's and more recent friends with my family. 
Doesn't she look beautiful in the silver dress that she and her mom flew to LA for a day to find!!!  
Ok McKenzie.... you can stop now!!! don't get any older.... you're thing we know you'll be getting married!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Love ya kenzie....


Ryan and Katie said...

I agree!!!!


Shally said...

Whenever I see cute dresses it makes me laugh at what I used to wear!

The dresses now are SO much more flattering!