Thursday, April 24, 2008

white trash????

ok so, i really try not to be judgmental but i have been known more than a few times to refer to WalMart as white trash, even though I LOVE IT!!! 

Well today, WalMart moved up a step to Semi-White Trash..

i was out doing a few errands and happened to see I was close to a Dollar Store so i decided to stop in and see if they had anything exciting.  You see, before we moved to Seattle i used to go to the dollar store all the time and then when we moved, there just weren't any close by so for 3 years i think i went one time (other than when i was in Utah). Now in Ohio, there are dollar stores but still not very close by which is why i stopped.

So i'm walking around up and down the messy aisles and stop to look at something when 2 girls with a cart start heading my way.  The one girl was pushing the cart with a baby in it & talking on her cell phone while the other girl was walking behind her talking to her (obviously not caring that she was talking to someone else on the phone) &............. Breast Feeding her baby while she was walking through the store!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all for a breast feeding mothers but not so much for a breast feeding mothers walking up and down the store aisles breast feeding call me crazy!!!!!  (i don't want to offend anyone if you have breast fed your baby while walking through the store, it's just not something I would do).
The baby then starts crying which i'm glad i had my backed turned so there was no chance of seeing a naked boob in the dollar store...
They moved on to a new aisle and then all of the sudden I hear someone yell to their friend who is on the other side of the store, to come and look at what she found....she yelled out her name!!! Hello...... is it just me or would most people wait till their friend got close enough that you could tell them in an INDOOR voice to come and look!!!

So that is my white trash dollar experience..i'm sure it won't be my last!!!


April said...

k - sick! Seriously!! Walking AND breastfeeding?
We totally call Walmart a Refugee Camp - I'm probably going to hell

JoAnna said...

THAT is white trash!

Lilismom said...

I LOVE white trash stories, but have you been to the Wal-Mart here on 300 West and 1300 South on a Sunday? I think that's where April gets the "refugee camp" idea, I also fondly call it the "tweeker store."

Anyway, I considered myself to be a champion breast feeder, and I NEVER would've done that, however I'm intrigued by the coordination it would take! :-)