Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So embarrassing!!!

Ok so, I ran into the grocery store to get ONE thing. Our grocery store Giant Eagle (which i hate, by the way) just put in this little coffee bar where you can get coffee (obviously) hot chocolate and fresh sandwiches etc. Since we can't get Stephens hot chocolate here I have had to learn to like the hot chocolate from this little snack bar. ( we don't have any other places close by to get it anywhere else plus most coffee places make it with milk and i only drink it with water) .

So to make a long story short,.......... too late (actually, it is turning into a longer story than it should be).

Anyway.....i got my hot chocolate, large because they are out of medium cups so they give you large for the price of medium. YAY!!! And went to get the ONE thing that I actually went there for. I was standing at the U-Scan (you scan your own stuff) I had put my one item on the counter put the hot chocolate down and was trying to get my giant eagle card out of my wallet when all of a sudden...............i knocked over what seemed at that moment to be a very LARGE cup of hot chocolate. I picked up my cup and left the BIG puddle there and went to tell somebody that I spilled my drink.

I preceded back to a new U-Scan aisle and heard "can you clean up aisle 10 some lady just spilled her drink" so I was watching from the lane behind and a young girl walked over with 2 paper towels........she realized that she needed more than that. I listened for a minute while I paid for my other stuff as she tried to figure out how to clean it up!!!

I dodged the clean up and walked through the back of the store, back to the snack bar and got a new hot chocolate, went out the entrance because it was closer than the exit and left.

This kind of stuff never happens to me unless I have kids with me. I am not a spiller!!! But there were no kids to blame it on, it was me, just me in the store with a big mess of spilled hot chocolate on the floor!!!
Good thing it was not very busy and I don't think anybody saw me do it, they just saw the mess after I moved!!!!!


Natalie said...

Ask the kids about all my spilling and accidents when I was there. They got a kick out of it too! ;o)

Shally said...

That would SO happen to me.

I am a spiller.

And a knocker-over, a dropper, and a pull-one-out-and-they-all-fall-er

Hard to be me sometimes.

Saying It Simply said...

Haley! I need your address to send you your PRIZE from Saying It Simply! I've sent you some emails but they either come back undeliverable or lost in cyber land. Hope all is well! Kris

Adam said...

Have you tried going to Heinen's? There was a nice one we went to in Rocky River. . . .

JoAnna said...

That's hilarious!!

Haley said...

i love heinen's it just not as close!!!