Friday, April 18, 2008

A warning that you don't think about

I don't usually blow ali's hair dry mostly because i never have time but she had been asking me every day for almost a week to do it so finally last night we made time right before bed.

I'm only posting this because it never occured to me that this is something she didn't know but would she know if i didn't teach her???

So we're standing there and i'm blowing her hair dry and after doing it for more than 5 minutes i realized that she had the water on and was playing in the sink with the water flowing the entire time that I was blowing.  I kind of freaked out and said "Ali you can't do that"  and she said "i didn't know" she thought i was mad at her which i wasn't but it really never crossed my mind that she didn't know that water and hair dryer's plugged in and turned on don't really mix well!!!! 
 so for all of you out there with little girls, it's just a little reminder of the things that we don't think about that our girls should know but they won't know if we don't teach them!!!!!!

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kim said...

That sounds scary! Im glad you noticed the water before something terrible happened. Thanks for your help with my blog! Love you all!