Saturday, June 14, 2008

Recital Time

The kids had their first ever music recital's on Saturday!! They were awesome!!! There are  a lot of videos here do don't feel like you have to watch them all. (I would if I were you though)!!!!
(don't forget to pause the ipod if you watch the videos)

Ali played the piano and did an awesome job. The only problem was that my camera batteries died in the middle of her song so I didn't get the entire performance luckily I got it to work and was able to get all of the second half.
Mitch was by far the best drummer that performed!!! He is so fun to watch especially when he gets to play with his teacher. Way to go Mitch!!

Watch Ali's teacher play! He is an amazing pianist!!!

We took the kids to Mitchell's Ice Cream to celebrate their "awesomeness" after the recital!!


Shally said...

They are so talented!

Way to go on your part to help them keep motivated...

Ryan and Katie said...

Way to go Mitch and Ali!!!


kourtney said...

They are awesome. My girls' have their 1st dance recital this week. I hope they are 1/5 as good as yours. Hey we are having another SIS giveaway.

kourtney said...

Hey I love your new header picture!

Haley said...

thanks!!! i'm sure your girls will do great!!!!