Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers day!!

Fathers Day!!! Well, i'm not sure it was much of a day for the father at our house!!! He did get a few presents but he spent the day doing papers for school!!!  My mom was here but didn't make it on any of the flights to go home so she stayed an extra day.    We went to Bubba's BBQ and it was so YUMMY!!!!  Who ever said you had to go to Texas for good BBQ???  I had planned on making breakfast and dinner for B but he beat me too it!! (bad wife award)........ so, i'm not sure how he felt about the day but I hope he know's how much we love him and how much i appreciate what a great DAD and husband he is!!! I love you B!
messy rib face!!!


kim said...

Happy late Father's Day to B! We miss you all.

Anna said...

I love that picture of Brandon and Ali. So cute.