Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mitch turned 10!!!

Happy Birthday to Mitch!!! He turned 10 on July 8th!!! I can't believe how big he is getting!! I really never thought that there would be a day when my baby boy would be as tall as me (almost taller) especially not at 10 years old!!!! It's so crazy how fast time flies....I still think of him as my little baseball boy playing ball in grandpa Tom's living room, or standing right at the tv watching an entire baseball game and mimicking everthing the players would do...and yes i don't mean everything!!!  But look at him now!!!! 
Happy Birthday Mitchie!!  I hope you had a great day!! I love you so much!!!


Anna said...

10! Seriously? Jeez. I remember holding him when he was just born. Happy Birthday Mitch!

♥Shally said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!!!

Wow.. TEN.

I feel old... :(

kim said...

Happy Birthday!!! We love you!

Ryan and Katie said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!!! I'm sad I don't get to see your kiddos growing up. You really need to come and visit!!! You better be at Spring Haven!!! Do whatever you have to do to get here!!!


Natalie said...

wow happy birthday mitch! i cant keep up with everyone. i should have remembered that though, i was with nick that day last year when he called... I guess i have until we get married to get it all straight! then i can be on the BAD list when i forget!

kourtney said...

Happy Birthday Mitch! Man you have all of the birthdays going on! Crazy...Kelli could have a ten year old...yeah right!