Monday, July 7, 2008

Cedar Point and the Carattini's

My cousins came to town from Vegas this weekend and Ali and I were able to go to Cedar Point with them!!!! It really was so much fun!!! Cedar Point has the BEST rollercoasters ever!!!!! It was so great to see Steph , Paul, Tyson, Catelynn, Hailee & Hannah.  We hadn't seen them for.......... i don't remember how long it has been but it seems like forever.  I couldn't believe how grown up the girls are!!! Ali had a lot of fun and was a die-hard "rider" with Paul's niece McKenzie.  
I didn't get many pictures because we went on two water rides and got drentched.  My camera got a little bit wet and wasn't working right luckily it is fine now!!!

Anyway if you ever come to Ohio, you've gotta to to Cedar Point I think it was rated the best
 Amusement park in the US or close to it!!!!

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Ryan and Katie said...

FUN!!!!! I haven't seen Paul and Steph forever!!! I'm glad you guys were able to meet up!!!