Monday, July 7, 2008

I love the 4th of July

Every year since we moved out of Utah we have always been back there visiting for the 4th until this year.  Years past have been spent at the Salt Lake Country Club watching fireworks or doing fireworks at my sister Holli's house and it has always been spent without Brandon. (he usually stayed in Seattle)

This year was different but great!!!!  First of all we spent the day with B!!!!  
I got up early  and ran my first ever 5K!!! YAY!!! It was so much fun and for a great cause .  It was so great to have my little family waiting for me at the finish line.  (5k doesn't seem like much after watching B do all the half marathons but after hurting my knee while training with him it is all i have been able to do and it wasn't easy)! 
The kids spent the afternoon with friends which gave B and I a chance to take a nap together!!!
It was so nice!!!!
We actually really didn't have plans for the day but after a little tile grouting we ended up going to a friends house for dinner.  The kids got to play  the parents got to play and it was a great time!!! After spending a few hours with friends we decided since Ali was about to fall asleep standing up and Mitch had a baseball game int he morning we would head home only when we got home the Youngs were outside doing fireworks and invited us over so of course we went...the kids had a lot of fun with poppers and sparklers.  

We had such a easy going day and it was a lot of fun!!!(too bad I didn't get more pictures)!


April said...

congrats on the 5k, you rock! I love the short races the best... you get all the fun/excitement/shirt of running a long race, but without the pain!

Natalie said...

looks like fun! great job on the run... and by the way mitch looks way bigger and it's only been a few months!