Friday, August 29, 2008

Candy, Candy Everywhere

One of the other places that we had to take the family was to the candy warehouse....(Sweeties Candy Co.)...we like to call it the candy warehouse because it is basically like costco but with nothing but CANDY!!!!! (if you read my earlier post about my sugar addiction you understand this is a really bad place for me to go, which is why we only go when people are in town)

we have to take people there when they visit otherwise they don't believe there is such a place!!! who could resist wall to wall, floor to ceiling candy, chocolate, SUGAR!!! Actually, i only spent $12 on my stuff but the others didn't get out for under hum....$40, $50 and $80!!!!! Come visit me i'll take you there too!!!!!!!

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♥Shally said...


Jax would be in HEAVEN there!