Sunday, August 31, 2008

Way to go UTES!!!

B and Mitch drove up to Michigan yesterday to watch the Utah game!!! They were so excited to watch the Utes beat Michigan and they even ran into some friends!!!!  What a great day for the boys to have some time to hangout together...Mitch had a HUGE smile on his face when he walked in the door last night!!! 

(highschool friends) ben, andrew, pat and chase
lance and lauri  (b's uncle and aunt)
WE WIN!!!!!


April said...

awesome game! We are jealous they got to go!

kim said...

I bet Mitch loved spending the day with B. And what a great game! I guess that would explain why you took Ali to Mama Mia!

JoAnna said...

How fun! And CRAZY to see ben, andrew, pat, and chase!! I miss those guys!!!

Ryan and Katie said...

Go Utes!!!


Natalie said...

i heard they were at the game how fun!!!!