Thursday, August 14, 2008

I can't believe it's been a year!!!

Mt. Rainier WA Avon Lake OH

Today marks the one year anniversary of leaving Washington and moving to Ohio. It went by so fast but it feels like it has been forever since the last time i was in Washington.  

I remember sitting on the plane and crying for the first half of the flight so sad to be leaving my little house that we had put so much work into, the kids school that I LOVED,looking up the street and seeing Mt. Rainier, but most of all the few good friends that I had there.  

We spent our first night in Ohio at a hotel because we couldn't move into our house until the next day.  We were so worried wondering if we had found the right neighborhood, right house, right city to live in.  We had only seen the house 1 time for about 10 minutes and had absolutely no idea what the neighborhood was going to be like but we loved the house and decided to go for it!!!
Wow,  we got really lucky!!! We have a great neighborhood and have met great people.  I don't love the school like i did the one in Bonney Lake but the kids are learning a lot more at school here so i guess thats a good thing.  I still doesn't quite feel like this is home yet and really miss my friends in Washigton but Avon Lake is a great place for families and my family is loving it!!!  
Who know's what our next adventure will be or where it will take us but i have a feeling we won't be in Ohio forever.  So, here's to another year in Ohio.  Hopefully it will be a good one and will bring friends visiting from Washington or maybe a trip back to WA for us!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

My vote is for you to move back to Salt Lake!!!!! Miss you guys-

Katie and Livie

Natalie said...

Wow it doesn't seem like it has been that long at all. Time flies. We liked Ohio alot! Tell the kids hi!

Natalie said...

nick told me about b. How is he doing???

Natalie said...
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