Friday, August 15, 2008

This girl can run

For the last week everytime I have gone running, Ali has asked if she can come with me. The first time I told her she could come and Brandon said "Ali, i'm not sure you can make is" well she still wanted to come. This route i am doing is not quite 2 miles it's part of this other workout that B and I are doing and the 1.5 mile run is the easier part of the workout and more like the day-off.

Ali ran that time with me and I couldn't believe how well she did. She ran with mabye 4 or 5 five stops but they were just enough to catch a breath and then she kept going.

The next day was the "hard workout" which is seriously HARD. We go to the high-school and i do 10 flights of stairs running and skipping a step with little or no breaks, 4 20 yard sprints, 2 40 yard sprints and 1 100 yard sprint all with only a 30 second break in between and then one time around the track as fast as you can do it. I always feel like i'm going to throw-up after.
anyway...ali decided she wanted to do it too....(mitch and B started doing it together while ali and i were in SLC).....she did 6 flights of stairs, 4 20 yard sprints, 2 fourty yard sprints, 1 50 yard sprint and once around the track without stopping!!!!

Ok so what i'm getting to came yesterday....ali had been at soccer for an hour and when she got home i was ready to run..again she wanted to come with even though she had been chasing a soccer ball night. i told her she could and figured we would probably end up walking instead of running well i was really wrong. she ran the entire almost 2 miles and was faster and ahead of me the entire time.... she kept saying "i'm not gonna stop till i reach the top" and the whole time was saying "mom, i'm gonna do it".

anyway, to make a long story even longer....she was so excited that she did it and so proud of herself and i was so proud of her too!!!! i could hardly believe that she didn't have to stop!! way to go ALI!!!!!


Anna said...

ummm...future Olympian

Annie P. said...

Ali, way 2 go!!!!!!!! And is seems like u r not 2 bad urself Haley. Sounds like u guys r making some great memories as a family.

Natalie said...

WOW Ali is as star. That is really cool you guys can all do that together now. I can't wait for that someday! Keep it up!