Friday, August 8, 2008

Spring Haven

While we were in Utah, Ali and I went to Spring Haven with my dad , Jan and the rest of the family!! Spring Haven is a big lodge type house up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville owned by BYU.
We had so much fun.........

hangin with sisters

can you believe there are actually people missing from this picture
(brandon, mitch, tony, ryan, hunter,mica,chris,sam, jason..did i miss anyone)

playing on the indoor playground

in the pool


more dancing

more sisters


and more babies


back hand springs

click here if you want to see more pictures!!!


Natalie said...

It looks like you guys had soo much fun... You family is huge! That is so great!

Pam said...

Hi, I happened onto your blog as I was doing a search on Spring Haven Lodge. Our family went there for a reunion this past month and I am over it next year. We mainly just hung out and I was wondering if you had organized activities or an agenda or ideas of things to do at Spring Haven that you might share. Any input or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. You can contact me at