Friday, August 8, 2008

Travel Baseball

Mitch made the travel team this year and made the decision to stay home and play the tournaments instead of going to Utah with us. I missed his entire first tournament and i felt really bad but from what I heard he played great and had a lot of fun. ( we were back in time for the 2nd tournament). They lost one game in the 2nd tournament and weren't able to move on but what a fun time for him and fun time for us to be able to watch him play!!!
Mitchie has always been our little (not so little anymore) baseball boy and he really loves the game. Can't wait for next year!!! Oh wait...i think he starts indoor ball soon!!!!!

getting ready to pitch
(he was bummed after pitching every game of the regular season last year in Seattle that he didn't get to pitch more this year!)


Shannon said...

Haley, no I'm glad you came across my blog! It's good to see yours too...I'll have to read more of it. I love blog stalking/surfing and coming across old friends blogs!
You can totally tell your family to read our letters to MS. As you can see we are a VERY open family (maybe a little too much for some people) but that's the way we like it.
Every family copes with MS differently, as it effects the person with MS different as well. So your family may not have had as much "dysfunction" as we have :) or we just really analyze things a lot...whatever it is though it really has made us stronger!
Thanks for commenting so I could catch up on your life too!
Looks like you have a really cute family too!

Jason & Annie said...

Like father like son . . . I just tagged you!