Friday, October 10, 2008

i've been tagged!

         (Kourtney I stole your pic.)

1.  i really don't like eating healthy (except i LOVE watermelon)
2.  i kindof want to get my nose pierced (again)
3.  i wish my sisters and i still took singing lessons
4.  i hate that i don't get as many comments on my blog as other people do (just jealous i guess         & i'm boring)
5.  i think i've decided that i want to get back into photography
6.  i wish i have a better sense of humor, i want to be funny!!!!!
7.  click here for more

Your IT!!!   Shally, April, Katie, Amanda, Anna, Meta, Holli


JoAnna said...

That's funny about the comments. I totally know what you mean. How's work going, by the way??

Jason & Annie said...

I want to get my nose pierced SOOOOOOOOO bad!

simply kris said...

I had my nose pierced. It just drew attention to the feature I absolutely hate. And in pics, I felt like a booger was just hangin' around.

Natalie said...

WE had such a great time with you guys.. we will have to travel with you guys more... my parents can't stop going on and on about how awesome you guys are... thanks agian... and by the way YOU SHOULD DO PHOTOGRAPHY! ;o)

simply kris said...

I love comments, too.
and... Kourt is going to be sooooo happy that you did this tag!

April said...

what?? k - I will be for sure commenting on all of your posts from now on.
I never wanted my nose pierced but the girl that does Noah's hair has a little teeny stud in her wrist (doesn't go all the way through - not sure how it works) and it is super cute.

♥Shally said...

I don't know how anyone can have anything in their nose. I would constantly be playing with it! :)

I would LOVE to take a photography class-- ahhh... someday.

Annie said...

So funny story. I have wanted my nose pierced for so long and just never have done it (probably mostly due to my work not approving). anyways, my new job it more, well lets say "artistic" so last night I was reading SLUG magazine and saw a piercing ad and went and did it. Its very cute but ver swollen. Anyways, go do it. I loved it when your nose was pierced.