Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Haven't been around much's a little update in case you wonder what we are up to!

Brandon has been traveling a ton for work along with the Canada boys trip and Mexico of course. He stays super busy with work, school, helping with Mitch's football and trying to keep the rest of us in check. I wonder a lot how he can stay so upbeat and motivated under all the stress he deals with. The thing I love the most is that even with all he does he stays his same old funny self! I have to say, I think my husband is HILARIOUS!!!

Mitch is doing awesome!!! He has earned his way into a starting position on both the defense and offense on his football team. His coaches said he is becoming one of the better players!! Way to go Mitch. He is having a much better year in school than he did last year and is so much happier!! He has made a ton of new friends being in a new school and loves his teacher. He's getting ready to finish football and start basketball and indoor baseball. He's gotta have his sports!!!

Ali has one last travel soccer game left this weekend (i think she is glad). She just started taking an Irish Dancing class and LOVES it!!! She and her little friend Ally are in the only little girls in the class with a bunch of "older" people (over 70yrs old). She is loving school as always and is still her happy little self. She has been given a little job by the neighbor (mitch helps out when he can) where she takes out garbage and picks up newspapers and has watered flowers when the neighbor goes out of town which is pretty much every weekend. She is becoming very responsible!!!

I as most of you know am doing my thing at the high school. It is very exciting..LOL.. a couple of barfers to clean up after, an allergic reaction to handle, an of course the BOY, who knows what will be next!
I feel like things are a little bit crazy and don't have a lot of time to get things done but i'm liking that I have a place I go to that gets me out of the house and have made a couple of new friends. I have been looking into photography classes and am hoping to get myself going with that but for now hope try be able to play around with picture taking.
I'm hoping to get another post about our Mexico trip done soon & hopefully I will find time for more blogging so keep checking in!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds crazy and great! You know I don't like to sit still, the kids sound like they're having a great time. I think the "boy" is so funny! Thanks for the update! Love you!

JoAnna said...

So good to hear from you!! Miss ya!

Nick and Natalie said...

you guys are one AMAZING family... tell them hi or us. By the way we have been pulling your blog up at work so we can hear halloween music! we like it!