Thursday, November 6, 2008

A crazy October

Ok, so my camera decided to quit working while we were in Mexico so I don't have many pictures and the ones I do have don't look that great but anyway....

October was a totally crazy month.  It seemed  crazier than usual.  

We started October in Mexico which was so much fun even though my back is still hurting from the bungee trampoline..(apparently your not supposed to do double back flips at 32)!

I really can't even remember what happened between getting home from Mexico and my birthday besides Mitch finishing football, Ali finishing soccer, Ali starting Irish Dancing, Kenzie, Kennedy and Caroline visiting from Utah.

Our ward did a little Halloween party and parade that I took the kids to.  

My friend Shannon had a birthday lunch at her house for another friend Stacee and myself.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with some of the other girls in the neighborhood eating and talking celebrating.

I love Halloween!!! It was a little different this year.  I mentioned back in the post about the concert that Halloween was changed to the 30th in Avon Lake because of the High School football game.  So the kids and B went trick-or-treating and I stayed home and passed out
 candy with my friend Danna who came and hung out while her husband and son went out with B and the kids.  B and I have always in the past taken the kids out together and not passed out candy until our kids were done T-O-T so I felt like I was going to be missing something by staying home but I actually had a great time hanging with Danna.  And then of course Ali and I went to the concert which again I will say was AWESOME!!!!
Friday night, Halloween, was our neighborhood party.  Some of you may remember that the Halloween party last year was what we soon learned was only the first of many neighborhood parties to come.  Shannon and Kandice went all out again and put together the Haunted Carnival equipped with carnival games with prizes, hot-dogs, fresh popped popcorn, (yes they rented machines for both), chili, and of course everyone else brought food too!!!

Kandice, Brandon, Shannon

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my witch costume and I didn't get any of the 4 of us together.  (dumb camera)

Last weekend we had Mitch's football banquet and again no pictures but they talked about how Mitch started out very timid and but worked himself into a starting position and what a great season he had.

I think that's about it but if anyone happens to send me more pictures from the Halloween party I will post a few!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Love the update, and I'll say here haven't offended me, I'd let you know.
:-) I appreciate all of your support and I love that we have grown closer through cyberspace! Your neighborhood sounds so fun, hopefully we'll get to visit one day! Love ya.

April said...

ok, first of all, it's not that fair that you look that good in a bikini!!! I would never dare wear one in public - maybe if I looked like Barbie...
Secondly, I've had some weird comments so I'm trying to make my blog a little more private without going private - do you mind taking our last name off your link list? Thanks lady!