Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Haven't kids learned how to clean up after themselves by the time they get to highschool???
Don't they know that their garbage belongs in one of the 8, big yellow garbage cans that are arranged around the lunch room and not left on the table or thrown on the floor!!!
Don't they know how to eat without spilling. Don't they know that if they try to make a basket with their empty chocolate milk bottle and it doesn't make it that they need to pick it up!!!
Don't the realize that if they spill their entire bottle of gatorade on the floor that they should tell someone so that we can get a mop and clean it up before someone slips and falls!!!  

I could go on and on!!!!

What about the lady that I saw with a tarp attached to the back of her rider mower to move the leaves from her front yard to the curb!! Ok well, if I had a rider mower maybe i'd try it but really, how hard it is to use your two arms and pull the tarp to the curb!!!!


what about the lady that checked out 50 movies from the library.   how can anyone possibly watch 50 movies within the week that you have to  keep them and some of them you're only allowed to keep for 2 days. hum...what if i wanted one of those movies!!!!(wonder how big her fine is)!

What about when you go to the bank and there is no sign saying they are closed so you sit at the drive-thru window for 10 minutes pushing the button over and over and nobody you decide to leave and come back later....then when you come back later it happens, you decide to go inside but oh...wait a minute.....they're doing work inside the bank and there are only construction workers there.....hum.....wonder why they don't let people know there closed!!!!!!!! shouldn't they have a sign or something at the drive-thru????

duh....... maybe i'm just the silly one and these things are normal to everyone else!!!!


Nick and Natalie said...

all those things don't make sense. If all the people in this world were as smart as you and I we wouldn't have these issues! TOTAL JOKE! There is probably things I do do everyday that people thing don't make a lick of sense!

Lilismom said...

Hilarious! All of them, especially the 50 movies...maybe she can't sleep?! :-)