Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! We spent it together, just the 4 of us and it was so nice!
I think it was the best meal we have had in all the years B and I have cooked together!
Perfect turkey, perfect gravy, perfect rolls, perfect everything!! Yum Yum!!!
watching the parade

Ali and  I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade together (and were so excited to see Idina sing on the m&m float)!!!

B and I were suprised when the turkey was DONE at 12:30 and we had nothing else ready!!! It cooked way faster than we had planned.  We got everything ready and were finished cooking and eating by 2:3o then we cleaned up the mess and took a nap!! 

Later on we decided to decorate for Christmas. We got out our christmas music, and deocrations and transformed our house into a..........BIG MESS!!! 
A little deseret (gingerbread warm out of the oven with whipped cream & homeade vanilla pie), and we were ready to decorate the tree, clean up the mess and go to bed early...Couldn't miss out on the early bird black friday deals. 
 B and I got up at 4am Friday morning and shopped our little hearts out...It was seriously so much fun to get up early and spend some time together...
What wasn't so fun was standing in the checkout line at Kohls for and hour and a half to buy 4 things.  (not to mention that B left and hit 3 stores and was back to Kohls before I made it to the register)ugggg!!! 

Anyway, enough rambling..... I hope you all had  a great thanksgiving!!!!


kim said...

Happy late Thanksgiving!!! We have talked a couple times since than but we are thinking about you and love you. Your turkey looks great! So does your tree. Love you!

♥Shally said...

I wish we could have seen you guys for the Holiday!! You were missed!

I need that recipe for vanilla pie.


Nick and Natalie said...

LOOKS yummy. Good for you guys having great family time together!!! Wish we were there tho!

Lilismom said...

That sounds like a wonderful holiday for you guys! Sometimes it's nice to be just the little family alone huh! :-) Love ya!