Sunday, December 28, 2008

"the best Christmas ever"

It's always hard to be away from home on Christmas but as Ali kept saying over and over, "this is the best Christmas ever!"
We had our friends the Jonhson's over for dinner on Christmas and we spent the night eating, playing games and exchanging gifts!

Just before bedtime, Mitch and Ali got to open one gift (pajama's),  got cookies, milk and carrots set out for Santa and hurried off to bed.  Ali was pretty much right to sleep but Mitch had a harder time and was awake until almost midnight!!uuugggg!!!
We were lucky this year.. we told the kids they could not come out of their rooms and to yell for us when they woke up, we didn't hear the "DAD" until 8:30 Christmas morning. 
Ali got an electric scooter and an american girl doll and Mitch got a fathead and guitar hero.
The family finally got the WII...are we the only ones in the US that didn't have it before now???
B got a new golf bag and a couple of new clubs and I got a new Canon Rebel camera!!!YAY!!! so excited!!!! 

Christmas night we went to the Youngs for fondue and fun with some other friends. Yummy food and played some nerf ping pong...

Mitch and Isaac

Ali and Isabel with their new American Girl Dolls.

Even though we weren't home in Utah with our family it was a really fun day and we were glad to have eachother and some great friends to spend the time with!!!


Nick and Natalie said...

i had a sneaky feeling that you might get a camera for christmas. That's awesome! I can't wait for you to start snappin away!!! I hope the kids had a great time!!! They are such good kids!!!! You guys are really great parents!

Ryan and Katie said...

Fun!!!! We missed you guys!!!