Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy daughter date

Brandon and Ali had a date night last night!!! I don't have any pictures because I wasn't invited!!!

Ali was so cute & so excited!! She had been at her friends house but made sure she was home just before 6:00 to go on her date.  She chose to go to dinner at Champs and shopping. 
They were gone a couple of hours and when they got home Brandon told me that it took Ali 1 1/2 hours to eat 1/3 of her steak because she was talking so much.  And Ali said to me "that was the best night of my life" sweet!!!

She loves here daddy!!!


Nick and Natalie said...

my dad took me on daddy daughter dates. I will never forget them. It was so special to me. I think that is why I picked such a great guy like nick too!!! I knew what it was like to go on a date, and how you were suppose to feel like a princess. It doesn't change when you get older!!!

♥Shally said...

Zach can't wait to do that with the girls. They are getting close to the age where they will appreciate it!

Jax and I go on dates all the time, so it will be nice for Z to join in on the fun!

Annie said...

Awwww! That is so cute. My dad took me one one daddy daughter date to MC Hammer. We were on the top row. He slept through most of it because it was between jobs but it definatly was rememerable to me.

triestep said...

That is so fun! I want my husband to start doing this with our girls...they are still a little young but what a great idea! Love it!

Lilismom said...

That is so cute! Lili loves going anywhere with Jason, even if it's just to Blockbuster...of course, maybe that's because she comes home with TONS of candy! :-)