Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm beginning to wonder....

I've been taking care of others kids for pretty much my entire life right....right!
Well, today I am wondering about it!!! When you think about being responsible for others kids, you, well I, think about keeping them safe, making sure they are getting fed and naps and and being watched over while their parents are away from them and, that the  parents know that they being well taken care of...  
Today i'm wondering about my liability with having these kids in my home.  When I think about kids, any kids whether it be mine or someone elses, and keeping them safe, I typically think about keeping them out of harms way and away from abuse. The libilaty if I were to knowingly hurt them. Well, I would never hurt a child and  will not hurt these children that I am responsible for but I started thinking this morning what happens if or when they do get hurt and it is not my fault but they are in my home and I am the one responsible for them.  

Ok so, heres the situation.  I was down on the main floor with Aidan, and Riley and Addison were upstairs.  All the doors upstairs are locked so there is no where for them to go besides the hall.  My house if pretty wide open and the hallway up there is not that big.  It is open on three sides so I can always see and hear what is going on up there.  It's a hallway.. There's nothing there to hurt them right...wrong!!!!!  There is a big brother and a wall...  I heard Addy know that cry that is more than just "i want the toy you have" or "i want you to hold me" the cry that you can tell sombody is really hurt....I went running upstairs and Addy was sitting on the floor crying with Riley standing in the corner next to her.  Next thing I know...her nose is bleeding...I asked Riley what happened and he told me that he pushed he into the wall because she was doing something that he didn't want her to do.  I take her downstairs and hold her with a rag on her nose until she won't sit still any longer...her nose keeps bleeding, i keep wiping as she is running away from me....and this goes on until finally...the bleeding, she has a big red bruise across the top of her nose and I seriously think it might be broken..  
This is not the first bloody nose that these kids have had in my house...they fall all the time.  Somebody is always getting hurt.  I am wondering if they get hurt this much at their own house.  I know that kids fall and get hurt all the time but what is the libility when they get hurt in my house when i'm in charge...Even if it is their brother that hurts them.  I guess I will have to look in to this.  Hopefully their parents realize that I really am doing what I can to keep these kids safe and I don't want them to get hurt.  I feel really bad when they come to pick them up and I have to tell them one got hurt, one was in time out, one choked etc.

I think i'm freaking out....I think my anxiety is kicking in and i'm starting to think the worst!!!! 


Annie said...

I don't know what your liability is but I'm sure if they are getting hurt at your house they are doing the same thing at home. Just talk to their parents about your concerns. Maybe see if there is some sort of liability waiver or something you can sign and have them sign. I don't know. Just a thought.

Haley said...

I think I was letting my anxiety get the best of me... and was freaking out for no reason..

I talked to the parents everything is good!!!

oh and, no broken nose!!!!

Meta said...

glad everyone is OK! my kids are always getting hurt. I'm sure you were worried. you are brave!!!