Monday, May 18, 2009

and she's off

Ali ran in her first race this weekend!! She did awesome. She started running last summer a little bit and we noticed that she has such natural running ability. From the very beginning she had perfect form and was able to go..go..go! The first run we did together she did about a mile no stopping!!! And since then she has become my running partner.

We didn't do much over the winter but the first time we got out this spring we did 2.5 miles and she was at least a half a block ahead of me the entire time. She only needed a break when she got cramps at one point. (she only stopped for a minute and was off again)...
Brandon signed up to run the Cleveland half marathon again this year and found out there was a kids run the day before so he signed her up..................

** Saturday....race day finally came and she was excited and ready to go!!! She ran a quarter of a mile and did awesome!!!! She came in 2nd place for the girls and about 5th overall!!!
No cramps!!! Keep it up girlie, girl!!!!!

Ali and Riley before the race
Riley ran too!! (the son of our friends the Atkins and one of the kids I watch)
Ali and I before the race
race warm-ups


their off

go Ali

almost to the finish line

She finished!!! Yeah

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