Thursday, July 16, 2009 - Children hit by car at busy intersection

It was a year ago last Saturday that my nephew and two nieces were all hit by a car crossing the street on 2100 South in Salt Lake.. Thankfully they were all ok but if they hadn't been wearing helmets, at least one of them might not be here with us today!!!

I can't help but feel a little bit responsible for their accident because I had sent my nephew McKinnely a McDonalds gift card for his birthday thinking that because McDonalds is so close to their house, it would be a perfect for him to jump on his scooter and go. Little did I know that my great idea was going to turn into not such a great idea. McKinnely, being a good big brother decided to be nice and take his little sisters out for a treat...needless to say, they got more than they bargained for....

I'm so glad they are all ok!!! And don't worry, I sent him iTunes for his birthday this year!!!

Read the story below!!! (the news didn't get everything exactly they way it happened but....) - Children hit by car at busy intersection

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our family said...

EEWWWW just reading those stupid comments gets me all worked up again!! People are such idiots and assume they always know the situation! Thank goodness they were all OK!!