Friday, January 22, 2010

First Cricut project

I was so excited to get the Cricut Expressions machine for Christmas even though I am no NOT crafty. It's been really fun to play around with and learn to use.
I had been wanting to get an ABC poster to have here at the house for Aidan and Addison when they are here but then when I got the Cricut, I decided I could make it so, here it is..

Not a great picture but you get the point. Pink poster, cut out letters with different color cardstock and shapes with white cardstock. It actually was more work than I expected and I will probably add more to it but it was fun. Now let's hope they can use it to learn with rather than destroy!!!



laurylaro said...

you got a cricut-- I'm jealous:-) Cute poster-- what a good idea.

kourtney said...

Looks great! No signs of an amateur.