Monday, January 25, 2010

Just when you think things can't get any crazier, they do!!!

Just a little update!!! I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to blogging. Posting just the minimum that I can so here's what we are up to these days.

Mitch is the busiest boy I know. He now has baseball 4 times a week and basketball twice a week, drum lessons plus practicing of course, he stays after school 3 times a week for homework club and then twice a week after homework club he goes straight to kick-ball. There was no time to fit in reading group so he has to do that twice a week during lunch at school. If you saw his recital pics, you saw him playing the guitar. Well, since baseball has started, we couldn't fit everything in and he has had to stop his guitar lessons for the time being (which we are all sad about). Seriously, I don't know how people that have more than 2 kids do it. After all of this we still have to find time for homework, food, eating, sleeping and at least a little bit of time for friends. He's such a good kid!!!

Ali is just as busy as Mitch with gymnastics twice a week, piano lessons, choir and honors choir (yes, they are two completely different things at different times during the week), Irish Dancing for 2 hours on Friday nights (she may be taking a break from that), activity day's twice a month, not to mention, she's on safety patrol at school so she has to be there early everyday and she on student council too! Plus, she is the most social girl ever and can't stand to be without a friend for very long. She continues to be the most happy and well-rounded girl I know.

Brandon is busy as always! Work, work, work that's about it. He training for the half-marathon that is coming up in May (when he can find time). He's helping coach Mitch's basketball team and helping carpool to baseball which is about a 45 minute drive from our house (remember 4 times a week, that adds up). He is as funny as usual and keeps us laughing all the time!!!

Me! Well, not much is new here. I'm still watching kids. Still running and planning on running the half-marathon in may with B and who ever else decides they are going to do it with us. Hoping to start some projects on the house. I told B this morning that I'm aching for a project. Hum, what will it be first? I'm hoping to start some little sewing projects and figure out how to use the Cricut. Oh and, it just occurred to me that I haven't finished my photography class so I am hoping to find the time to do that too. Besides all these things I want to do, I pretty much do a lot of laundry, driving, potty training, cleaning (although you would never know if you came to my house, that I had ever attempted to clean ) and fit in as much reading and piano playing as I possibly can.

Things are crazy but good!!!


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kim said...

Busy family you have! It sounds like you are all doing well. I'm still planning on running the half with you, don't plan on Mark. It's going to be fun! Love you!