Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ali's backwards birthday party

Even though Ali's birthday is not until the 30th, she decided she wanted to have her birthday party while Brooke was in town. She planned a backwards birthday party!!
It was a little hard to do it exactly like she wanted because one of her friends was late and we didn't want her to miss everything but here's how the backwards party was supposed to go.

Friends show up wearing their clothes backwards...
make inside out pinatas
open presents
eat dessert
play games
eat dinner (under the table instead of at the table)
play more games
go to sleep while watching a movie

ali and brooke with their backwards clothes before the party

all of the girls (except kaya) in their backwards clothes

thanks to my friend Lauren for giving us the idea...we made waffle cakes. they got to choose from two different kinds of cake batter that we cooked it in the waffle iron. then they got to choose from 2 different kinds of ice cream to top their waffle cake and all the toppings they wanted (crushed oreos, mini m&m's, Carmel, hot fudge, chocolate syrup, whipping cream) YUMMO!!! that is my kind of dessert!

dinner under the table!
inside out pinatas~ blow up balloons and tape the candy to the outside!

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kim said...

What a great idea!!! Everything looks so fun! I'm also way jealous about ceder point. I love that place. We definitly need to go again. Love you!!! Miss you!!!