Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cedar Point in pictures!!!

i took this one while we were on the gemini~ its hard to take a picture while you are on a ride!

What a perfect day for Cedar Point!!! When we woke up that morning it was pouring rain and we weren't sure it was gonna be a very good day for Cedar Point but it ended up being perfect!!! There were no lines. We walked right on to every ride except one, the weather was perfect (not too hot, not too cold), Mica and I went on every roller coaster at least once but the girls went on every ride at least twice and some of them they went on 4,5 even 6 times!!! They are die hard roller coaster riders! They even wanted to try the dragster which is a super fast super steep roller coaster that is over in 17 seconds but it broke down while we were waiting in line! Bummer!

can you see the girls? 3rd row from the front!

Mitch stood on the bridge and watched the water ride! He got soaked!

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