Sunday, June 13, 2010

"The Family Band"

Well, it's really not the family band but that is what they were introduced as when they played at Mitch's drum recital yesterday.

Lets go back just a bit...

A few months ago Mitchell's drum teacher told him he wanted him to put together a band and play in the upcoming recital. Well, who does Mitch know that plays music...his dad and his dad's friends. So they started rockin!!!

Mitch picked the song that he wanted to play and between his drum teacher and "the band" they learned how to play it!!! The have been getting together about once a week for i don't even know how long to jam with each other and practice for the recital.

The big night came. Mitch was sooo nervous and the big boys couldn't have been more excited. We had to drive about an hour to the recital but they got to play on a little outside stage at a festival in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. What an awesome venue, awesome day and a great job by "The Band".
The even got an encore!!!
Way to go guys!

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kim said...

Awesome!!! Cant wait to see it!!!