Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last day of school (4th & 6th grade)

(Mitch at lunch on the lawn)

Summer's here...finally!

I can't believe that this school year went by so fast! Both kids had a great year. They loved their teachers and did an awesome job!!!

I can't believe my kids are growin up so fast. Mitchie will be in 7th grade next scares me a little bit!! Ali will be in 5th. I am so excited for her because I loved*loved*loved*
Both kids are moving on to new schools. I think they are excited.

As for now..i'm so happy that summer is here. I love it when my kids are home and can just spend the day with me...ya right..they don't want to have anything to do with staying home with me. It's all about friends from this point on (i think).

Softball, baseball, sun, friends,fun, cookouts, cedar point, camping...BRING IT ON!!!
getting ready for the talent show
Ali and her favorite teacher...Mr. Johnson!

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Haley said...

Isn't he so tall!!!! 6ft 8in!