Monday, July 12, 2010


I really can't believe that Mitch is 12!!! It has gone by so fast. Wouldn't it be nice if time could just stop so our kids wouldn't keep getting older and growing up.

Brandon was out of town on Mitch's birthday so he got to celebrate twice. Before B left we let Mitch open his main gift which was a new bass guitar and then we went out for ice cream. On his actual birthday he had a few more gifts to open in the morning and then he wanted to grill hot dogs for dinner along with his beans, watermelon & potato chips. We decide to go see Toy Story 3 that night! We loved it!

Ali and I made Mitch a birthday cake earlier in the day but he never wanted to eat it in fact, I just took it out of the fridge this morning so I can throw it away.. nobody ever touched it...oh wait, except me ( and I don't even like cake).

Well Mitch is off to 7th grade in the fall...I'm not so excited for him to be growing up but I guess I can't do anything to change that so I guess I will try to deal with it!! Happy Birthday Mitchie....i love you!!!

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kim said...

Happy happy birthday mitch!!! We love you and hope you has a great birthday. Next year a teenager. Scary!!!