Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheer's for Ali

Ali is going to start Cheer leading this year! We are so excited!! When we got back from Pittsburgh we had to take her for her uniform fitting and found out that she needed to do a fundraiser. She had a box of 50 candy bars that she had to sell.

She actually was really excited to do the fundraiser. We got the box home and she immediately went around the neighborhood and started selling. I think she sold like 20 candy bars and then decided she was done for the night, but when she got home, she asked B if he could take the box to work the next day and of course he said YES.

Ali made up this cute little poster with her picture and an explanation of what she was doing and sent if off to work with B.

She ended up selling every candy bar in 24 hours!!! Way to go Ali!! That's the quickest and best fundraising we've ever done around here!!!!


Lilismom said...

Such a great job Ali! Love the poster! You guys look like you are having a really fun summer! Good for you! Love you all!

kim said...

That is AWESOME!!! I couldn't ever sale anything doing a fun raiser. Have fun cheerleading. I'm pretty sure everyone will be jealous of your backhandspring!!