Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pittsburgh 2010

After the baseball tournament in West Virginia was over we headed to Pittsburgh for a couple days. I think Pittsburgh is such a great city. Brandon was there for work so we didn't really do to much but the kids always love staying in a hotel. We walked around and saw some parts of the city that we hadn't seen when we were there before. I had hoped to go to IKEA but we never made it. Maybe next time! I was so excited when we drove down a street and saw Le Cordon Bleu ~culinary arts school. I have heard about it a lot but didn't know it was in Pitts. I would love, love, love to go to school there!!!!
I'm not sure the kids love it so much but I love to walk around strange cities and see the sites and watch the people. It was a quick trip but fun!
This post has no rhyme or reason. I was trying to put it in some sort of order but every time i would upload one picture another picture already uploaded would disappear so this is what you get!

isn't this a cool building?

Ever taken a picture of yourself walking towards a building made of mirrors??? i thought it was fun!!!
Ali and I took an elevator up to a bridge and walked out over the water to see the city. Mitch had no desire to go so we took a picture of him waiting for us down below.

she loves her brother!
best sandwiches ever!

yummy over stuffed kielbasa sandwich at Primanti Bros.

only at Primanti will you get a salad loaded with fries!!! yum!

this is what happens when your kids are sitting in a hotel room bored and they get a hold of the camera...they catch you stuffing your face with chocolate!!!

i'm sure i had more pictures posted...where did they go?


Lauren said...

looks so fun, great pic of the building.

Anna said...

Cute pictures, Haley.

kim said...

Wait a minute. That sandwhich looks so amazing. I need to come out just to eat. The game also looks fun!