Saturday, July 24, 2010

West Virginia

Mitch's baseball team played in a tournament in West Virginia so some of us rented a cottage at Oglebay resort and spent the week there. Aside from the baseball games there was a lot to do at the resort. They have a program where you can buy activity bands that give you unlimited access to the activities so when we were actually at the cottage the kids could play mini-golf, golf at the par 3 golf course, go paddle boating, swim, go to the zoo, take a train ride at the zoo, take tours of the museums, as much as they wanted for as long as they wanted. It was a great deal. $30 for a three day band unlimited access to everything!!!! Awesome!

This is the cottage/cabin we stayed in. Small but quaint. 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and a good size main room with couches, TV, table and fireplace. We stuffed 6 adults and 8 kids into this place and aside from the disgusting bodily functions from the 6 boys that were there, we had a lot of fun!!! Ali and Kaya pretty much did their own thing and I was surprised because I thought they would stay as far away from the boys as possible but they actually all got a long really well and even played together a little bit. The boys were really good to include the girls in mini-golf , baseball games in the yard, corn hole etc.
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The grounds of the resort were beautiful!

One of the day's Ali needed some alone time with Mom so she and I went looking for butterflies and went paddle boating. We had a lot of fun hanging out together. What more could a mom ask for then her baby girl asking to hang out with her.
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(yuck, I'm looking fat and frumpy)!!!

Mitch and Joey at the pool! Hummm!
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The kids at the pool, they weren't happy with me for making me take the picture!

Bed time was a little bit crazy. Some of these boys can't seem to go to bed without wrestling!!!
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Ali and dad!
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B and Kids
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It was so much fun for these boys to be able to play together. James and Joey came with us as subs for the baseball team since we had a few boys that weren't able to come to the tournament. They did a great job and the boys had so much fun spending the week together.
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Let's not forget the parents. It was actually quite relaxing. With the kids being able to do all the min-golf etc. that they wanted the parents were able to get some time just hanging out at the cottage talking, playing corn hole, eating, doing nothing but hanging out!
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I just liked these pictures of the kids at the pool although, i need to do a little photo shopping or cropping so Ali can be in the pic alone!

This sums up West Virginia (or at least what I expected of West Virginia)!

Yes, this used diaper(pull-up) was laying by the side of our car when we parked at one of the baseball games. Nice, huh!
Let's face it, when you think of West Virginia most people have a pre-conceived idea of what it's like...right? I was expecting hillbillies with straw hats and straw hanging out of their mouths sitting on their front porch in rocking chairs. I didn't see any of it!!!!

I can't wait to go back!!


Anonymous said...

That looks like such a great time! And I'm commenting mainly to tell you that the pic of you and Ally when you are in the red tank top is the best pic I've ever seen of you (and we both know I've seen a lot...). You look HOT!!! Definitely not fat and frumpy! Love ya.

Lauren said...

Fun to see your trip-- the daisy photos are my favorite. see you tomorrow night:-)