Friday, August 6, 2010

Drama~do I dare write this

Why do people cause so much DRAMA!!!! I really like Ohio but I really don't like how much drama there has been here.

I don't remember Seattle or Salt Lake having so much DRAMA!! Or people that cause DRAMA, I guess I should say.

What's the deal with.......who's friends with who, who's kid is better at sports, who's your kid friends with, who are you friends with, who didn't get invited to this, that, or whatever, who wears the best clothes, who has the best stuff, the most shoes, the most bags, who takes the best trips, who is too fat, who is too skinny, who works out the most and at the best gym.....and on and on and on......

This is the first time in my life that when i'm out walking around and stop to talk to people I am totally pre-occupied with thoughts of how bad I look.. am I wearing the right outfit, how many zits I have, do I look too fat, is my big belly sticking out and they are thinking about how fat I am, granted I have gained 15 or 20 pounds since moving here but still.....

Seriously, can't we all just be nice! And it's not just in my own neighborhood it's all over. Maybe it just the city we live in, which I actually really like aside from the DRAMA!

Enough already, i'm ready to move!

(i had TWO count em...TWO really great friends in Seattle, i've learned that's having a couple of really good friends is fine, i don't have to have a city full of just ok friends)

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