Monday, August 9, 2010

Oldies but goodies

The computer that we had in the basement for the kids died on us but I found an old hard drive in the basement and hooked it up.

I was so excited because I found all these pictures that I had forgotten were on it. Well, I knew there were pictures on it but I didn't know what they were of or if I would ever be able to access them.....I did!!!!

I'm going to be posting some of them every couple of days or once a week just so I can have them here.

Sweets Candy Company Tour~it's awesome to have an Aunt that worked there for over 50 years!!!
Spring Haven Summer before we moved to Seattle
Ali's dance recital
Mitchell baseball
Easter 2004 (I think)

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kim said...

I love those pictures! Ali looks so cute as the flower. Good old days!