Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I didn't really want to do this post yet because i'm not quite done with this room but we had an appraisal today and who know's when my laundry room will ever be this clean again! I actually only have "red accents" left to add to the room so it's pretty much done. You would not believe how hard it is to find cute red "stuff" for a laundry room!

I picked out the purply-silver paint before I knew we were going to get the new washer and dryer and it ended up being a really hard decision and purchase that took 2 days! I have always wanted colored appliances but I was so afraid that the red ones wouldn't go with my purple paint and so I ordered white ones. Well, after talking to B and having him remind me that I have always wanted the red ones and we can always re-paint I changed my mind and decided to get the red ones. Well, it ended up being a bigger deal that I expected it would be but in the end I got my red appliances and decided that I was going to mix purple and red and see how they look together! (not to mention that fact that I have a pair of red and purple earrings that I love so I figured it would be ok)! Anything is better then the ugly rusty orange that was in there before!!! RIGHT?

I wanted to do some fun vinyl lettering and this is what I came up with!!!


Anna said...

Purple and red do go together and your laundry room looks spectacular. Good job Brandon for convincing you to go with the red.

Lauren said...

love it. great shade of purple.