Thursday, September 30, 2010

I hate Semi's

So. I was driving out to pick Mitch up from a church activity last night. Our church is about a 25 minute drive and yes, we take the freeway!
There was a big semi driving next to me most of the way!!! A very LOUD semi!!! I hate hate hate driving anywhere near big trucks. But this one was louder than normal and I didn't like it one bit!!! Every time I drive by trucks, I am reminded......

Are you wondering why I hate them so much and what they remind me of? Most of you probably didn't know that about 8 years ago, B was in a car accident and was lucky to live through it!!!!
He was driving on the freeway and the dulle tires from a truck that was driving the opposite direction flew off the truck and hit Brandon in the head..Yup, you heard me..right in the side of the head!!!!! I was home minding my own business when I got a phone call from him....which was crazy but I think he was in shock and all he said to me was "I was in an accident, I'm bleeding from my head and they're cutting me out of the car. Yup, that's it! It freaked me out and I found out what hospital they were taking him to and went to see him.

Its a much longer story that leads to many dr appts, meetings with official people, a surgery weeks later and losing a main artery in his head!!!

CRAZY!!! And I still can't believe that this happened. B and I are both still so bothered by trucks!! I'm writing this because it's been quite a while since this happened but it has changed the way we think. Like, who's taking care of those big trucks. Are the nuts on tight? Every time I see one of those trucks carrying cars or big tree trunks all I can think about is what happens when those trees or cars fall off that truck and i'm driving behind them!!!

Well, that truck last night was really loud and bothered me and obviously, I'm still thinking about it.

BTW- 2 weeks later, the exact same accident happened in the same spot on the freeway where Brandon was and all the people involved in the car that was hit by the tires were killed.

The truck last night reminded me of Brandon's accident and made my realize how lucky he is to be alive and how it must not have been his time to go! He's out of town now but I can't wait to see him tonight and give him a big hug and tell him I love him!! Cheesy, I know but i'm glad he's alive!!!

One thing we learned that day~ hydrogen peroxide will get blood out of your clothes!

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