Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tiles and Frames

A few more!

Ali actually did most of this one. She wanted to make something for her teacher and I caught her all on her own using my SCAL software to design what she wanted to vinyl to say and how she wanted it to look. Apparently her teacher say's this a lot to her class! Ali sanded and painted the wood,chose the wording, cut out the vinyl (well ok, cricut did the cutting she just pushed the cut button), applied the vinyl, added the ribbon and VOILA!
I made this one for a wedding gift for someone B used to work with. Just need to add a cute ribbon and it's done! Man, it is so hard to find a cute frame this shape and find cute black ribbon! I ended up having to buy another picture and take everything out of it just to use the frame and glass. There's got to be an easier way! No luck on the ribbon yet!
Brandon's humm, I guess you would call her a step-cousin. (His uncles wife's daughter) ordered this one for her little girl!! I love these cute "name tiles" they are so fun!

I need to find a better spot for taking pics of all this stuff!

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