Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ali ran another race!

Ali is in running club at school. She stays after school twice a week to run. A couple weekends ago she got to run in a race at the local Community college. She loves to do stuff like this!!! She did such a great job. Brandon keeps telling her that when she's in a race she should start off slowly and then speed up toward the end which is what you should do in a race right. Well, nobody told any of the other kids that so they all started off as fast as they could and she got lost in the shuffle and it slowed her up. She still did a great job. She went the whole way which was half a mile without stopping and stayed up with the group. She did awesome and we were so proud of her!!!

daddy helping her with her bib
waiting to start

here she comes
there she goes

almost to the finish!

way to go ali!!!

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kim said...

Way to go Ali!!! Miss you all.