Friday, October 8, 2010

A day of thought!

When you're stuck in a rut, how do you get yourself out?

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Where do you get your daily energy from?

Do you make yourself happy or do you rely on someone else (kids, husband, family, friends) to make you happy?

I'm in thought today! Trying to figure my life out. Where is it headed in the future and how am I going to get where I want life to take me. I just figured out this morning that maybe when i'm not sure about things I push them aside or cover them up with projects... projects that i love and give me a feeling of success and pleasure but don't help me with my feelings of uncertainty! I don't feel terribly unhappy or really that uncertain about my life but I do know that I need to change some things and stop finding excuses not to change some of them in order to get what I want out of life. Most of them are so simple...quit eating treats and start exercising more and you will lose weight. Simple!

Today i'm making a change that started with getting in a good workout rather than going back to bed after getting all the kids off to school! (yes all the kids, i have 2 extra besides my own that i get fed and to school every morning).
I heard a recovering alcoholic talking yesterday about staying sober and they said how they live day by day. They said how they have to forget about staying sober forever and focus on staying sober for today! It really hit me. You hear people say all the time.. i'm living day by day, or i'm taking it day by day but it never hit me hard until I heard this recovering alcoholic say it. And I decided that I need to live for today. Of course the future is important but the future can't be successful if today is not successful. So, i'm starting over and I hope it will last! I hope this isn't just a phase that I am going through that I will forget about in a week or two.

Does anyone else want to join me in making each day count?


April said...

I so needed to read this today - thank you!

JoAnna said...

Love it!! Thank you so much. YES I DO!