Thursday, October 7, 2010


I posted a while back that my front door was due for a new paint job...I finally got around to doing it and I love it!
I painted it black and added white "welcome" vinyl that I cut with the cricut. For some reason i'm obsessed with "black". Most of my picture frames, clocks, chairs, bed.....lets just say there are a lot of black accents in my house.

I guess I don't really know the correct way to paint a door because I started it around 8:30 am yesterday morning thinking that it would be dry enough to shut at bed time but when I got up and tried to open it this morning IT WAS STUCK! Ughhh!!! So annoying! Now the top of my door has a thin layer of the padding that goes between the door jam and the door but oh well, I still think it looks a lot better than it did!

Before the paint job
after the paint job!

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