Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Rant

I had to take Ali to gymnastics last night and since I didn't have any extra kids with me and Brandon and Mitch were hanging out together I decided to stay and watch her. We got to her lesson at 5:30. She went in to the gym and started conditioning and I sat in the waiting area watching her. Going on behind me in the hallway are too little girls, i'm not sure how old they were but definitely younger than Ali(not old enough to read cause they were trying to figure out what the soda machine said). So here they are these too little girls running up and down the hall, climbing on chairs, playing with the soda machine and being really loud and obnoxious! So, where was the mother you ask?


Come to find out, only because I over heard the owner of the gym ask them what they were doing and why they weren't in class (i was thinking they were in the class that ended when we got there and they were waiting for a ride home, but I was wrong) their lesson didn't start until 6:00. So, they were dropped off at 5:30 for their lesson that didn't start until 6:00. I was totally bugged!!! Bugged that these kids were running all over the place, bugged that they were being so loud and obnoxious and even more bugged that a mother (or father) would drop their kids off at a lesson 30 minutes early and not stay with them until time for the lesson to start!!!!

Now, I can see dropping them off 5 or even 10 minutes early if needed (if the kids are not too young) but to drop them off expecting that other people will be there and your kids are going to be just fine on their own in a place of business for 30 minutes! The coaches are out in the gym, its not like there is an adult there watching them. And sorry but if I am a parent that is there to watch my child practice, I'm sure as #$%* not going to be watching the one that you dropped off by herself!

Give me your thoughts!!! Am I crazy! Would you drop your little kids off early at a lesson and leave?


JoAnna said...

What?!? This is RIDICULOUS!! Who would do this?? That is unacceptable.

JoAnna said...

What?!? This is RIDICULOUS!! Who would do this?? That is unacceptable.

Nikki said...

That is a crazy. Especially since they aren't even old enough to read. I can see dropping them off for the lesson, but 30 min early that is a little much.